Dear visitor, maybe you're looking for a used mini or midi excavator and you have yourself a great excavator that you offer for sale.
Then this could be here on the website of usedmachineszone.

This offer of course concerning also the other machines:

  • Lifttrucks both on gas or diesel.
  • Compressors from the smallest to the largest.
  • Generators, mobile and stationary.
  • Wheel Loaders, Crawler Loaders, Dumpers, Bulldozers.
  • Commercial vehicles, from light trucks to the heaviest trucks in special transport.
  • Mobile cranes to cranes on caterpillars.

In short, all used construction machines can be placed at:


Since we here at usedmachineszone, have numerous worldwide visitors who are professionally active in the construction world, is this a nice chance to get your machines sold.